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Here at WEST-TECH we provide our valued customers and service centers with the "hard-to-find" phonograph parts and service such as idler wheels, needles, cartridges, record changer restoration and rebuilding cartridges.

The first two things that go wrong with your record player are the idler wheel and the cartridge/needle.


After some 20 years of marketing the compact disc (CD), it is estimated that 70% of the households have such equipment. It is also reported that up to 90% of households still have equipment to play vinyl. Reports indicate LP vinyl production has doubled in the past five years! Although it may never be purchased in the quantities of decades past, the public still demands the record.

We here at WEST-TECH wish to get your record player playing once again - like you used to play those old records at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Due to increases in shipping we need to make some increases in cost of services.So note the price increases at bottom of pages for selected services. Thanks for your patronage over the years.

Thanks for your business!

Please select a page to visit at left for more information on each topic listed. NOTE: The prices listed on the specification sheets on the Tech Tips page are not reflective of West-Tech Services' current pricing.

West-Tech Services  
1227 Morrow Rd.
Kent, Ohio 44240
Phone: 740-581-0945

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