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West-Tech Services  
1227 Morrow Rd.
Kent, Ohio 44240
Phone: 740-581-0945

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Antique Electronic Supply - General line of parts for the vintage radio, hi-fi and guitar amp enthusiast.

Edward W Saunders, Inc. - Large selection of contemporary cartridges and styli for record players and stereo turntables made from 1960 to date.

Philcoradio.com - General information about vintage Philco radios, tech section with how-to helps, a history of the company, and other related information. Also includes a forum devoted to the discussion of Philco.

Pinball Rebel - Largest collection of Jukebox information on the internet.

RadiolaGuy.com - Vintage Radio & Television, information, items for sale and image galleries.

The Voice of Music - Everything you would want to know about V-M record changers, tape recorders and other equipment.

Victrola Repair Service and Phonograph Sales - We repair and service all brands of windup phonographs. We also sell needles, accessories, and complete original phonographs ready to play. Toll Free Number.

Video Interchange - Offering video and audio transfers from just about any older or obsolete medium to DVD or CD. Also see their comprehensive History of the Wire Recorder.

Webster-Chicago Corporation - Dedicated to products created and manufactured by the Webster Chicago Corporation from the 1940s to the mid 1950s.

www.proaxis.com/~settlet/record/record.html - Records and Phonographs-collection and information-78's, 45's and LP's.

www.stonevintageradio.com- Wireless, Marconi and battery set radios museum

www.vintage-electronics.com- Purveyor of restorable collectible radio and audio

www.philcorepairbench.com — Everything the ANTIQUE RADIO Collector and Restorer Needs.

quality-vintage-ads.co.uk - All ads listed are the original pages taken from magazines of the time. Vintage ads such as, G-E Radio, Schlitz Beer, Chevrolet,
Kellogg's, Gordon's Gin, Max Factor, Parker Pens, Coty, Bendix Aviation Corp., Royal Typewriters, Coca Cola, Real Silk Hosiery, General Motors Locomotives, but to name a few...